What is Legacy Planning?

May 12, 2023

When you’re gone, what will you leave behind? Beyond money, or your “estate,” what about your values? What cherished memories, family stories, life lessons, or words of wisdom will you leave behind?

These are your “emotional assets.” In my own life, these are my most prized possessions, things that money simply cannot buy. They constitute my personal legacy.

What are your emotional assets? It may seem odd, having a financial professional offer to help you with such a personal matter, but bear with me. Though outlining your personal legacy may sound like a difficult task, I would like to share some information and tools that may help.

The values and goals of my clients have always been important to me. For that reason, at Keystone we offer a service to help our clients articulate and document their “emotional assets” and/or personal legacy. Legacy planning.

This means helping you express and record things like your family values and traditions, your personal and medical history, final wishes, and even instructions on raising children.

Wealth means more than just worldly possessions. Legacy planning can help you define your non-material assets and convey them to your heirs. Let me know how I can help you plan your legacy.